Who We Are

The Campus Mission Coalition-LA, or CMC-LA, is an initiative to revitalize and launch new Campus ministries at secular university settings throughout Los Angeles in partnership with local Lutheran churches or individuals.

What We Do

There are over 90 secular colleges and universities in Los Angeles County. The majority of these have no Lutheran presence or outreach.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to change that!

In order to this:

  1. We work with Churches who wish to formally develop an outreach to their local college/university.
  2. We work with individuals or groups who have it on their heart to develop a ministry at their local college/university.

What We Value

  • Teamwork as necessary for effective college outreach
  • Relationally based outreach strategies
  • Intergenerational Relationships as formative in faith formation
  • Learning about, from, and with others around food and in community
  • Faith inquiry and conversation
  • Interfaith Dialogue


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