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It is a personal passion of mine to serve College students and so it is with great honor  to launch the CMC-LA!

College ministry touched my life, and specifically within the public university setting. In my freshman year of college at Binghamton University, I came face-to-face with personal failures and even personal sins that left me distraught and without hope. I never thought that I, a Pastor’s kid, could ever lose his way and find himself feeling outside of God’s Grace. But I did. I felt this for some time, and nearly lost my faith. Yet, God is good! God sent important people into my life at the right time. A student peer invited me into the campus ministry in which he participated AND a local family somehow learned of me and reached out to me. Both the specific college ministry AND this family welcomed me into a loving and formative community that spoke new-life into me and my faith in Jesus. They essentially became an extended family of faith to me. I have never forgotten this experience. I have never forgotten them. Within that year, I was given a Christ-centered network of relationships and community and was empowered in faith to live in the diversity of campus and share with others Christ’s mercy and Grace.

My experience and those relationships have inspired me to pour into serving and reaching college students. I’m now a husband to my wife Christaline, father to my daughter Hazel,  and my family prays to be for college students what that family was for me in my freshman year in college. We also pray to inspire others to do the same where new extended families (faith communities) can be formed and replicated throughout Los Angeles at local public colleges and universities!


Ambassador Team

  • Christaline Loos
  • Jessica Faris
  • Bob Badway
  • Mercedes Smith
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