What We Believe

About Identity

We believe that each person’s identity is first and foremost granted to us through our Creator. Even before creating the world and all people, He profoundly loved that which He would create. He created out of love. Therefore, God intended for our identities to be grounded in Him and in dependence on His life-given actions.

However, our identities became skewed and confused as soon as humanity decided to seek meaning and life outside of God, our creator. Our identity formation left its dependence on God and we believed we could be autonomous and powerful in developing who we are on our own. This only led to selfishness, brokenness, despair, doubt, a whole slew of other problems in our identities, and ultimately death – problems that God did not intend.

But our Creator never ceased being the life-giving being that He is. Out of love, He set into motion a plan to reclaim and rescue all people. He did this by sending His Son, Jesus into the world to live a perfect life with His identity fully formed by His relationship with His Father, to die, and to rise ALL to save us and restore us into His people. Because of Jesus, we are given new identities grounded in the love of Jesus Christ and His life, death, and resurrection.

About Belonging

Christ extended belonging into God’s family through His work. He personally delivers this belonging and God’s life-giving gifts to people by sending His Spirit out into the world. His Spirit also gathers His people together to live out a life of belonging with one another in sharing life together, prayer, mutual encouragement of faith, and all the richness of a newly formed collective identity as Christ-followers. We are called and sent out into the diverse world with these new identities to share belonging in Christ with others.

Eph. 2.19

Our Theological Belonging

We are first and foremost Christ-followers. But we are proudly aligned with the Lutheran perspective and understanding of looking at Scripture. We are specifically associated with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. When we call ourselves “Lutheran,” we mean that our understanding of Holy Scripture belongs to the lineage of theological thought that launched the Protestant Reformation. However, to be a Lutheran means to uphold the theological thought that informed and formed the early church and is tracked throughout the history of the church to this day. Therefore, we uphold the early creeds of the Christian Church – the Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed.

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